Business Development Coaching

Professional services professionals ultimately are responsible for convincing new clients to retain them.  In order to most effectively do this, working with a business development coach will help sharpen the focus on what is most important to do to achieve the goal of more clients and more revenue.

Business Development Training

Professional services firms deploy partners, associates, marketing and business development staff to help the firm generate new business.  Training these staff in how each can most effectively produce revenue for the firm will help maximize firm efficiency of effort and results.

Business Development Audits

Essential to any business development process is determining what is currently being done, what’s working and what isn’t.  A business development audit is a crucial snapshot which provides a basis for moving forward to improve what is working, while discarding what isn’t working and replacing it with new and better strategic initiatives.

Business Development Strategy

Underlying all elements of business development activities is an effective overall strategy.  It is essential to put in place a well-thought-out strategy before embarking upon a business development initiative at the firm, practice group or individual level.

Outsourced Business Development

Most business development activities can be effectively outsourced – in a manner which is cost effective while also ensuring maximum results are achieve. Services can and should be custom tailored to each individual, their practice and their circumstance.

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