EU move to regulate big tech a unique business development opportunity for public affairs firms

The move by the European Union to regulate big tech is a major opportunity which public affairs advisors should capitalize upon by blogging about these issues for key potential client audiences.

A recent New York Times article about this new regulatory push joined what has become an avalanche of news articles about the EU’s focus on more highly regulating (primarily) US big tech companies.

Many potential clients will be interested in the EU’s focus on big tech

These issues, as public affairs advisors know well – will be of significant interest to many potential clients who believe they may be impacted in some way by this new EU regulatory initiative.  And the large number of media voices weighing in on the subject — provides a perfect opportunity to join the conversation via blogging. 

Margaret Vestager leads EU effort to regulate big tech

Adam Satariano, Matina Stevis-Gridneff, and David McCabe detailed in the New York Times that  Margrethe Vestager leads the European Union’s push to regulate tech companies.  As Wikipedia details: Since 2019, Vestager has served as EVP of the “European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age…and European Commissioner for Competition since 2014.”

A “broad lobbying campaign” has been launched

The Times report details that EU officials, led by Vestager, recently introduced “far-reaching” technology legislation focused on “gatekeeper” platforms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.  Expected to be approved by 2020, the new laws give companies “ample time to influence the debate”, as the Times article details. 

The report also explains that Google and other US tech giants are now “engaged in a broad lobbying campaign to stop stronger regulation against them” – “spending more than ever, hiring former government officials, well-connected law firms and consulting firms”.

“In the first half of 2020, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft declared spending a combined 19 million euros” – “equal to what they had declared for all of 2019 and up from 6.8 million [euros] in 2014.”

Build an ambitious blogging initiative

The EU move to regulate big tech is so significant – and has generated so much interest to date – among big tech and international media – that a focused and consistent blogging initiative by a public affairs consultancy seeking to provide a unique view into the process – would be of high-value to potential clients, industry associations, international media and indeed, regulators themselves.

Blogging has proven a superb tool for new business generation by public affairs firms – and European Union-focused public affairs advisors would be wise to not let this unique opportunity to establish their brand identity go to waste.

I help public affairs advisors establish sophisticated blogging initiatives focused on discerning international audiences.  I have previous, specific experience of blogging for EU-focused public affairs advisors with a focus on US tech audiences.  For more information about how I might be able to assist your firm establish or maintain an EU big tech regulation focused blogging initiative, please complete the form below:

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