4 online new client lead-generation methods for international lawyers

In the internet era, lawyers are no longer primarily utilizing in-person networking to generate new client leads.  Instead, they are primarily using online methods to research and identify prospective clients, produce content designed to appeal to those clients, and in some cases, reaching out to those clients directly via email to discuss how their firm might be helpful.

In the case of international lawyers – the use of the internet can greatly enhance your ability to become well known among your target audience on a global basis.  As well, if you’re not developing a sophisticated online presence, internet use by your competitors can significantly disadvantage your firm vis-a-vis your competition.

Getting leads is a significant challenge

As BD Ladder outlined in a recent blogpost, getting a continuous flow of new potential client leads is one of the most significant challenges law firms face.  It is, therefore, important to have a process to follow to generate those leads.  And for any firm committed to utilizing the internet to generate new client leads, here are the prime methods international law firms can utilize to generate new client leads in the internet age:

A content marketing campaign

Content marketing, a proven method of lead generation for lawyers, involves primarily the creation and publication of written blogposts focused on issues of most concern to your clients. It can also involve video or audio discussions about the same subject.  Before conducting this sort of campaign, make sure you have researched the issues of most interest to your clients, and establish a blog and social media channels to support the promotion of your content online.

An active social media presence

Key social media channels for international law firms include LinkedIn (with 104 million active users per day), Twitter and Facebook.  Actively build this presence over time, following ideal potential referral source law firms from around the world, among other key accounts. Also seek to create a dialogue around your blog content as a means to generate more traffic and more leads. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media Ads

Some paid social media campaigns (including pay-per-click, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads, for example) can also be deployed in a highly advanced effort. This effort can be very expensive, and is not recommended unless and until you’ve already developed a robust content marketing, social media and custom cold-email effort.

Sending custom cold emails

Cold emails are an effective way to generate new business for international law firms.  It’s important, however, to carefully tailor each email to appeal directly to the recipient.  Standardized emails will not suffice.  As well, ensure you are reaching out via email to not only ideal prospective clients, but also to ideal potential referrals sources, too (e.g. other law firms from throughout the world).

Looking forward

International law firms can harness the power of the internet by deploying all three of the method listed above for lead generation (many firms I speak to are not deploying all three but would like to).  It’s important for your law firm’s future to not put all your lead generation eggs in one basket – therefore you should be deploying all three of these methods – at increasingly advanced levels of deployment. 

I have been working with international law firms around the world for nearly twenty years to help them develop and maintaining effective online and offline initiatives to identify new clients leads. If you would like to discuss how I might help your firm develop an initiative or improve an existing one, please complete the form below to arrange for a discussion.

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