2 ways to generate more clients from an international law alliance

Law firms can generate more clients from their law alliances should they put in place specific, proactive business development initiatives.

As law firm business strategy advisor Nick Jarrett-Kerr has detailed on his blog, network alliances are considered important for independent law firms to collaborate with one another for the benefit of all.  However, as he explains, sometimes these alliances do not maintain strong centrally led mandates for group action. Among the actions firms might take, however, would be a proactive effort to help one another generate more business from the alliance.  This would augment an already existing passive strategy for hoping an alliance partner simply refers work.

The two proactive initiatives I’d suggest alliance partner firms undertake are:

Build and maintain an alliance-wide law blog – Blogging is a proven method for law firms to build brand recognition, build authority and generate leads. Any blog a law alliance creates should ensure that it contains calls to action (asking readers to subscribe or contact you) and be focused on discussing client needs. A robust alliance social media presence should also be built around the blog to help create a dialogue around alliance content

Create an active referrals initiative – Alliance member firms should work cooperatively to identify potential clients for one another, then identify opportunities (and dangers) for those clients in fellow member firm jurisdictions, then facilitate introductions to those clients.  Following up to arrange meetings and discussions and prepare proposals around any agreements to engage alliance member firms.

I’ve worked closely with law firms throughout the world to help them improve their business development initiatives to secure more client engagements from law alliances.  If you would be interested in working with me to help you increase the business your firm generates as a member of a law firm alliance, please complete the form below to arrange an initial discussion.

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