Lawyers must act for business development plans to succeed

For legal business development plans to succeed, lawyers must act.  Of all the things I’ve seen holding lawyers back from success with business development – this is the single most significant impediment to their success.  The point of this blogpost may seem an obvious one – but based on my experience of seeing what hinders lawyers in achieving their business development goals – the imperative of taking action cannot be under-emphasized. And should be specifically highlighted by a post like this.

Legal business development plans are the same as any business plan

It’s vital to remember that lawyer business development plans are no different from business plans that any business would utilize.  To that end, the words of Maureen Grealish, writing on the UK-based leadership management consultants LEAP blog, details the importance of action to business plan success: “A lot of discussion, time and effort can go in to developing the strategic plan of a business. The biggest reason that they fail is that the action elements are not applied, monitored regularly, or refined when required. This results in lack of focus and direction. It also results in lack of energy…if actions aren’t being completed then nothing can be achieved.”

Take small steps at first.  This will lead to success later

I’ve helped hundreds of lawyers develop and implement business development plans tailored to their unique practices and goals.  But sometimes, lawyers lack the will, or the confidence, necessary to take consistent action necessary to see that plan through to new client development. 

In these instances, it’s important to break tasks down to bite-sized pieces.  And small, incremental steps can be taken consistently, to help accustom a lawyer to the actions required to see the business development plan through to success.

For example, I sometimes encourage lawyers to create a list of no more than 5 ideal clients.  Then consider creative ways to reach out to those potential clients via email.  Then do so.  This process may require some coaching to accomplish – however it serves the purpose of helping lawyers to slowly adopt the practices necessary to get a business development plan up and running. 

Once this goal is achieved, the business development plan can be improved, expanded, refined, and updated in any number of ways.  But the key is – it’s been started and is moving forward.  So, if you’re facing a hurdle in trying to get your legal business development plan moving after you’ve designed it – try small steps first – and build a head of steam slowly over time. 

If you would like help with creating and implementing a legal business development plan custom to your law practice – contact me via the form below – and we can arrange for a time to discuss how I can help you. 

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