Lawyer Business Development: Follow-up is Essential to Success

Experts in legal business development agree about the importance of following up with potential clients.  Whenever a lawyer has committed to a business development plan, put that plan in action, begun contacting and meeting with prospective clients – it is absolutely essential they follow up in a highly tailored fashion, unique to each prospect, to build a larger book of business.

Follow up is ‘critical”

As Sylvia L. Coulter has detailed – “Follow through is critical”.  It is follow-up and remaining connected with prospective clients that helps firms grow their client base.  She notes: “This is particularly true during economic downturns when many individuals forget about contacts and clients who are experiencing a difficult time.” Concluding that: “Firms that don’t encourage partners to follow through on a regular basis are helping other firms’ close new business.”

Lack of follow up may lead to failure

And Susan McCourt Baltz regards follow through to be vital.  As “this is where business development and marketing efforts may fail. Lawyers will spend hours writing articles, attending events, pitching their services, but in the end, if there’s no follow through, there’s no reason for potential clients to remember your services or know exactly what it is you do!” She recommends tailoring the follow-up to each client.

Make each follow-up unique

In my experience of attending hundreds of meetings with prospective clients – follow through is the single most important element of the business development process — and doing so in a 100% tailored way.  Often that tailored follow through is forwarding a custom engagement letter to the prospective client together with a personalized cover letter wholly unique to them.  This customized communication makes it as easy as possible for that prospective client to sign the engagement letter and forward any funds required to begin representation.  It might also outline options about when and where the first planning meeting will take place to formally launch the representation.

Lawyer Business Development Coaching

I help lawyers develop personal business development plans custom-tailored to their unique practices — via one-on-one video or audio coaching sessions.  My experience includes hundreds of face-to-face meetings with prospective clients on behalf of law firms – where I helped clients realize how lawyers can help them achieve their commercial objectives. These meetings first required me to identify client needs – reaching out to those prospective clients and securing meetings with them on behalf of my clients and succeeding in securing those meetings. And shepherding those relationships to becoming new client engagements.  For more information about how I might be able to help you build your law practice, please complete the form below and I’ll contact you promptly.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope to hear from you.

John Grimley

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